Not as delicious as flan art but less messy

Not as delicious as flan art but less messy

By KristenTuesday - April 21st, 2009Categories: Blog

I have been shamefully slow in blogging this, but something awesome happened last weekend:Stricken Pot Pie tribute

My sister, brother, and sister-in-law made Stricken Pot Pie Easter eggs and then, and this is the important part, made them RE-ENACT the first comic. I’m not sure whether it technically counts as fan art if it’s made by people who burped you as a baby, but whatever. Fan Art!

I requested, nay, demanded that the eggs be saved and made to re-enact every single SPP comic, but I don’t think my request was honored. Some fans they are.

Two more pictures within, including exciting carnival-style action and the drama of the Emory egg gradually succumbing to alopecia. It’s a shockingly common disease for eggs with fake fur lint pasted all over them. And yet where’s their walk-a-thon?


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