About Stricken Pot Pie

The bear’s name is Emory. The bird’s name is Marjorie. No, there will never be a story arc in which they fall in love. Don’t be gross.

To see a larger version of each comic, click on the image. Aaaagh, it’s like you’re getting hit in the face with embroidery floss!

Each panel of each comic is embroidered individually. No elements are re-used from panel to panel or from strip to strip, despite the time and effort that would obviously save. In fact, the characters are designed not to be reuseable- for example, Marjorie’s legs and Emory’s claws are the stitches that anchor them to the background.

About the Persons Responsible

Stricken Pot Pie is an embroidered comic strip produced by Kristen Shirts and Patrick Svensson. Between the two of them, they can re-enact the film The Brave Little Toaster from start to finish. Can and do.